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During the last 18 months, EALgreen has not only celebrated several notable achievements, we’ve also prepared the way for an even more productive future. First, we developed and implemented a new brand in support of a circular economy. Then, we revitalized our website and introduced a series of new communications for our donors, college and university partners and EALgreen scholars. You can watch the video of our celebration marking the milestone of raising $18,000,000 for 15,000EALgreen scholarships on our website!

Our Mission: to give young people the tools for the new world of work.

The ultimate mission of every non-profit is to change the world for the better. Certainly, that goal inspired Swede Roskam and Dan Mickelson to launch EALgreen 35 years ago. Their plan was to enable corporations to donate excess inventory to colleges so that those institutions could turn the money saved on supplies into scholarships for financially disadvantaged students. Over the last 35 years, EAL has succeeded in this intention to an extraordinary degree, raising over $18 million to pay for over 15,000 scholarships.