Your surplus inventory builds our next workforce
When you donate your returns and surplus inventory, you'll fund a college education for students with financial need.

Your brand is too important to be compromised by wasteful practices.

We know you take corporate responsibility seriously. That’s why we’ve created an innovative system that turns your excess inventory and returns into a college education for students in need, instead of loading a landfill or liquidator’s warehouse.
Invest your excess inventory with us and fund America's future.
We Make It Easy
Get timely, dependable pick-ups of your inventory, accurate reporting and a friendly team to support you every step of the way.
No Cost To You
Quit shelling out storage fees and get a hefty tax benefit instead. You’ll enjoy enhanced tax writeoff dollars compared to other donations.
Sustainable and Socially Responsible
Not only will your donation divert your excess inventory from landfills, but it will educate our next generation and infuse our economy for years to come.
We make it easy to be part of the circular economy
Seventy percent of supply chain leaders are planning to invest in the circular economy in the next 18 months. We make that easy at EALgreen. Since 1982, we partnered with top corporations and we’re proud of all we accomplished together.
  • $40 million in financial aid for students
  • 23,300+ student scholarships
  • Diverted over 100,000 tons from landfills
  • 87% of our organization dollars going directly to colleges and universities
Your plan to build the next workforce


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We’ll create a turnkey solution for your excess inventory and returns that are customized exactly to your facility’s needs.


Be an environmental hero and put our future workforce through college.

Turn your returns into a college education

Many companies are swamped with excess inventory and returns due to the surge of online purchases. At EALgreen, we have created a system where companies can donate their surplus inventory and returns to us at no cost, and we’ll turn it into a college education for students with financial need.