On February 2, 1982, Verlyn “Swede” Roskam realized his dream of “paying forward” the gift of a college scholarship he received thirty years earlier. That act of kindness inspired him, and his ingenious colleague Dan Mickelson, to help others receive the benefit of a college education too. They believed that education was the single most powerful way to improve a person’s life.

Then one winter day while reading a business article about companies overloaded with inventory, a lightbulb went off in their collective minds. Why not ask them to donate their excess inventory to colleges that can use it? The colleges then could give scholarships to students with financial need equal to the value of the goods. The donors would receive a tax benefit. Colleges would receive equipment they needed. And students would improve their lives through a college education, just like they dreamed.

EAL was born!
Our history of
Now, nearly 40 years later, with the help of our corporate donors and college partners, EAL has transformed the lives of more than 19,000 students with financial need. These students have gone on to fortify our workforce as veterinarians, medical doctors, skilled trade people, elementary school teachers, and more.
How it all began
Our Impact
Here is a snapshot of EALgreen's impact today

$40 million+
in financial aid for students

student scholarships

100000 tons+
diverted from landfills